Aussie NBA Finals Preview


This year has been a radical shift in the way the NBA works. Once a league where to win a championship you needed a superstar like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant teams have now realized to compete in the modern NBA you need a fiery fucking Aussie!

The Spurs had two fiery Aussies in Patty Mills and Aaron Baynes but instead decided to put their fate in the hands of the French and South Americans with catastrophic consequences. The Clippers and Bulls also had great fiery Aussies on their rosters but failed to use them when it counted. And so we are left with the last two Aussies standing: Andrew Bogut’s Golden State Warriors versus “Sneaky” Matty Dellavedova’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Keys to success for the Cleveland Cavaliers

“Sneaky” Dellavedova has so far sidelined Taj Gibson and Al Horford with ejections as well as an accidental collision that ended Kyle Korver’s season. The tough guard will almost certainly be given the task of trying to frustrate and get MVP Steph Curry ejected in game 1. While Steph Curry is usually a pretty cool customer Trevor Ariza showed that Curry is as susceptible as anyone to brain explosions.

Having said that any “Korver” like fall into Curry’s injury prone ankles will almost certainly have the same effect. While Matty isn’t fast or a great shooter, this playoffs he has scored a bag of points when left open on the perimeter. If Matty can get some of Golden State Warriors great perimeter defenders ejected as well that could lead to some big scoring nights for the young Aussie.

Keys to Success for the Golden State Warriors

With the likelihood of Steph Curry getting taken out by Matty, Andrew Bogut will need to lead the Warriors star studded offence. Bogut is usually a quiet offensive player but as Patty Mills showed last year you can’t win an NBA championship without a “shoot first, think later” Aussie. Notice the length of Bogut’s mullet as he downs this sweet 3 pointer.

Bogut doesn’t have a low post game or for that matter the ability to straighten his arms post his 2010 elbow injury, but in a recent interview talked about the development of his amazing three point shot:

” I used to shoot threes at a good clip up until I was 19 or 20, and then I just grew.”

On the defensive end Bogut will also be influential as he is unofficially the best defensive player in the NBA. No, he’s never won NBA Defensive Player of the Year, they give those awards to wanky Americans. But he has had the best defensive player rating for three seasons running now. Much like game 6 in last years finals when Patty offensively obliterated Lebron James I expect Lebron to attack the basket a lot this series only to be defensively obliterated by the big Aussie.

My Series Prediction: Warriors in 7 with Bogut winning game 7 in overtime with a clutch 3 pointer and Dellavedova diving into his ankles ruling him out for a year and leaving the Warriors Aussie-less for next seasons rematch.

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