A Letter to the Gold Coast Titans


Dear Gold Coast Titans

My name is Ben. I am a school teacher and jazz musician. I don’t really enjoy my work and recently I decided to change career paths and take up professional gambling. While I haven’t got a lot of experience gambling, last year during the AFL Grand Final I “took on” a very famous gambler named Tom Waterhouse and won $75. This got me thinking about how much easier it is to make money gambling compared to teaching school children or playing jazz music and I decided to invest that $75 in starting my new business.

To give you an idea of how skillful I am at picking winners I am currently winning my very first footy tipping after picking 6 from 8 in round 1. The only reason I had 2 incorrect picks was because of the under performance of your team, the Titans, and my strong belief that it’s unethical to tip the Roosters.

Anyway, the reason I am writing is recently I made my first professional bets that we in the industry like to refer to as “sure things”. One of these “sure things” was a $25 bet placed on the mighty Canberra Raiders to win the NRL premiership at odds of 151-1. To my shock by the time I went to place the bet the odds had dramatically dropped to 79-1 without a game being played.

Unfortunately this major change happened because the drug scandal at your organisation resulted in the betting market believing the Gold Coast Titans as opposed to the Canberra Raiders were the least likely team to win the NRL premiership. As I’m sure you know the betting market is filled with lots of idiots (hence the Raiders being 151-1), but this incident has cost me a large sum of money. When the Canberra Raiders win the premiership in October I will now only receive $1975 as opposed to the $3775 I would have received prior to the Gold Coast drug scandal. This will leave me $1800 out-of-pocket as a result of the actions of your club.

While I appreciate there are financial strains at the Gold Coast Titans at the moment I’m sure you can sympathize with my difficult financial situation as a start-up business as well. Until I receive payment for my other $25 bets on Bangladesh winning the World Cup and the Melbourne Rebels winning the Super Rugby competition my company has zero capital. Given my difficult financial position I would very much appreciate the $1800 be paid as soon as possible so I can continue to pursue my professional gambling dream.

Yours sincerely



Sportress Head of Gambling and Community Liaison

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