Dudes that are old and still heaps good at stuff.


Tonight 43 year-old Brad Hogg will take the field with youthful abandon and skip around for the Scorchers in their Big Bash League Semi Final.

On Thursday night 35 year-old Tim Cahill defied both physics and age to score two cracking goals for Australia in the Asian Cup.

Come February 2, 37 year old Tom Brady will play in what must be his 17th Superbowl for the Patriots.

It would appear that when Joe Hockey decided that smoking cigars after a hard day at work was so enjoyable, everyone should do it for a few more years, the sporting world took notice.[i]

Old. And Rad.
Old. And Rad.

We here at the Sportress respect old dudes playing on. Without giving away anything that our juvenile tone yet obsession with early 90s cricket hasn’t already, once Michael Clarke passes the baton to Smith on full-time basis, your correspondents will face the moment that eventually every Australian man has to come to terms with, being older than the Australian Cricket Captain.

In tribute to Hogg and his fellow seniors, we present the following list –

“Dudes that are old and still heaps good at stuff”.

Brad Hogg

When Brad Hogg made his first class debut for WA his current Port Scorchers team mate was four months old. If Hoggie was Gary Busey, he would definitely sledge Agar about bowling left-arm china men since he was in diapers. If the Scorchers make the final of the BBL, Hoggie will take the field 9 days short of his 44th birthday.

Other notable seniors in this years BBL tournament are Brad Hodge at 40, Jacques Kallis at 39 and Brett Lee at 38.

Brad Thorn

Brad Thorn is a beast. Thorn will turn 40 on 3 February this year and is still playing First Division Rugby in the UK for Leicester. Thorn has had two stints each in League and Union, all resulting in titles, tests and basically being invincible.

Pity he's a Kiwi
Pity he’s a Kiwi

Thorn made his NRL debut for the Broncos in 1994, the year before all-time game record holder Darren Lockyer did. If Thorn hadn’t crossed over to union (and assuming he never missed a game), Thorn could have played 535 games for the Broncos, easily eclipsing Lockyer’s 355.

Duncan Fletcher

2015 will be Dustin Fletcher’s 23rd AFL season. In a sport in which 30 is considered veteran status, Fletcher will turn 40 this season. Fletcher debuted for Essendon in their 1993 Baby Bombers premiership winning season. Of the 42 players on Essendon’s senior list for 2015, 13 of them were born in that year or later.

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all time and one of the best 10 basketballers to ever walk the planet. He has won 5 championships and 3 Most Valuable Player Awards across 17+ seasons of pro basketball. Last season he was the fulcrum of one of the greatest offences in history and a contender for defensive player of the year. And at 38 – and probably in his last season – he is still legitimately an excellent player, averaging a double-double with a PER of 22 and is still hitting buzzer-beaters like a boss.

Bernard Hopkins

Bernard is 50 and still boxing. 50. As recent as 2013 Hopkins was still winning world title belts (his win at 48 bested the previous old-man winning record age of George Foreman at 46).

So old he'll whoop your ass...
So old he’ll whoop your ass…

Kelly Slater

11 time world champion Slater should feature alongside Federer, Jordan and Tiger as the best athletes of the last 25 years. At 42 Slater is ranked fourth in the world. The dude that is number one, Gabriel Medina was not even born when Slater won his first world title in 1992.

Bucky Lasek

Don’t know who Bucky Lasek is? Watch this and think about what you’ll be doing (were doing) at 40. Buckey Lasek won his most recent Skateboard Vert Gold Medal in 2013 at the age of 40.

[i] I’m not totally up to speed on the NFL’s retirement scheme, but I am confident that Tom Brady will survive if he can’t get the pension for a few more years (in the parallel universe in which Tom Brady is eligible for Australian Social Security)

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