2019 Formula One Shakedown


As the cars hit the track in Barcelona we round up some quick bites for you to digest.

Initially I was going to write a bit about the new front wings appearing at the first round of testing, but I quickly realised that this would become a photographic copyright nightmare, so instead I’ve quickly gathered some links that will show you what’s happening in pre-season testing.

Ricciardo without a wing (on a prayer)


Ricciardo was lucky to survive this mild scare when the top plane of his rear wing suddenly separated from his Renault during testing in Spain.

Front wing revisions


The team over at Autosport break down the front wing on the new Alfa Romeo (formerly Sauber), which was the first physical wing to demonstrate that the new aero changes in 2019 have pushed designs onto a new path.

Shiny new sneakers

Pirelli have a new colour-coding system and production method in 2019

Side by side

Racefans.net have a great article where you can use split image sliders to check out the changes between the 2018 and 19 cars, specifically the Mercedes in this instance.

Fine tooth comb

Racefans.net also run a keen eye over the 2019 Merc, a good read if you need the low down on what’s happening technically in 2019.

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