‘The guy in yellow had a helluva night’

By Bozza

Has there been a more joyful or exuberant celebration of a Premiership win than that of Jack Riewoldt this past Saturday? Amidst the scenes of the euphoric Tiger faithful streaming in large number into Swan Street, the sight of Jack Riewoldt singing with rock band The Killers will live long in the memories of those who saw it.

It’s a straight iconic moment. It will never be forgotten

Gerard Whateley AFL 360

That Riewoldt was able to live out two childhood dreams on the same day would have been unthinkable for many when Richmond crashed to a 13th placed finish in 2016. In fact, the Tigers forward performing with The Killers may have been more believable at the end of last season than the comprehensive Grand Final victory that proceeded it.

This (Riewoldt on stage with The Killers) is the single most spectacular thing I’ve seen an AFL player do in the history of my time in football.

Mark Robinson AFL 360

Grand Final Day.jpgA big fan of the band Riewoldt had, half-jokingly, asked the Tigers media team what the chances were of him performing with the band in the event of a Grand Final victory. He did not think much more of his enquiry but the wheels were in motion and he was informed of his opportunity of a lifetime while enjoying a reflective moment with his 21 team mates within the bowels of the MCG. Rather than be presented to the crowd after the band completed their set, he was required on stage now to help them perform their most known song.

I’m forever grateful, I had a moment on stage with the band that was phenomenal. I’ll tell you what, being a rock star is pretty cool.

Jack Riewoldt – AFL 360

Riewoldt and the football world are incredibly lucky that the band allowed the moment to take place at all. They perhaps too summed it up best of all when they tweeted a picture of the Tiger forward with front man Brandon Flowers on stage with the message ‘the guy in yellow had a helluva night’. Yes he most certainly did, we all did.

Listen below to more on this and a whole lot more on The Pinch Hitters with Boz and Pav, available on I-Tunes and Sound Cloud.




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