Local Man Looking Forward to Mark Waugh’s Commentary


MELBOURNE: A local man has expressed that he’s looking forward to hearing Mark Waugh verbalise his confused thoughts on national selection during tonight’s Big Bash League.

The great man himself

John Marsh of Essendon loves listening Waugh try to justify, rationalise and find meaning in the decisions he and his fellow members of the National Selection Panel have made during this summer of change.

“I just really like how he doesn’t really appear to know who anyone is. Everyone playing in the Big Bash is in contention for the Australian team because he doesn’t watch cricket outside of it. It’s riveting!”

“Although I think Glenn Maxwell may have run over his puppy or something. He seems to be the only person Mark is sure about.”

Waugh’s unique approach to explaining national selection like it was a Joseph Heller novel has been hailed by many as intrinsic to the success of the Big Bash.

When approach for comment, Waugh said that juggling national selection as well as commentating is difficult, asking fellow commentators such as Ricky Ponting and Damien Fleming for help. 

“I asked Flem and Punter for their teams the other day. But the other selectors said I had to do my own work.”

“Seriously Punter. Can you do it for me?”

“It’s a really hard job. Do you know who I should pick?”

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