A Unique Voice Remembered


On Friday we at The Sportress, like many others, were shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of Rebecca Wilson. Only 54, Wilson had been a victim of the malevolent forces of breast cancer.

Forthright and uncompromising, Wilson had been an important dissenting voice in a sports world seemingly bereft of varied opinions. Passionate and strong willed, she also had an unwavering sense of what was right and bravely put forward her views despite those who attempted to silence her with malicious words and even death threats.

This unbending will and determination was remembered and honoured by many in the days that followed the news:

“Bec was a force of nature in a way,’’ an emotional Jones said. “She was brilliant, she was unsparing and unyielding as a journalist.” – Alan Jones, Radio 2GB and former Wallaby Coach

”Brilliant, unsparing, unyielding.” — Sandra Sully, Channel 10

“Sometimes, fearlessness is misunderstood as coldness. Bec Wilson was the exact opposite. She could never be cold. She was fiery, passionate. She was a natural and brilliant journalist and so proud that the craft now runs through generations of her family.” — Tim Worner, CEO Seven West Media

“Because she built a reputation for being braveand tough her journalism was often underrated and yet she was a brilliant news breaker whose analysis remained razor sharp until the end” – Caroline Wilson, The Age

“Rebecca was fearless, not only in her opinion but in her unflinching quest to seek out the truth. She was a pioneer in many respects for women in the game, women in sports and women in sports journalism.” – Todd Greenberg, NRL CEO

Gone too soon, sport has lost one of its most ardent advocates.

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