Carn Dees! Confessions of a Hawthorn Supporter.


Just like most people who follow the AFL we choose a team to go for when our team is not doing so well or in my case, are doing well but want to see more competition among the current teams[1]. And just like most people my second team was Richmond.[2]

But for a while now I’ve started to fall out of love with Richmond.

It may have something to do with their selection of players over the years. While the Swans supposedly have a no dickheads rule[3], Richmond seemed to relish in exclusively selecting dickheads.

Despite the push up King's eyes, i'm falling out of love with Richmond.
Despite the push up King’s eyes, i’m falling out of love with Richmond.

Think Ben Cousins, Jake ‘the push-up’ King, Jack Riewoldt[4] and Dustin Martin. It also might have something to do with the fact that they can’t travel north to Queensland and play a game of AFL without being in danger of being arrested under the state’s anti-bikie laws.

Or possibly it might be because of the first cardinal sin of your second team beating your first team by a significant margin. Of the last 5 games between the Hawks and the Tigers, the Tigers have won 2 games by 62 points and 41 points. This during seasons where the Hawks played in grand finals while Tigers missed out on playing in the finals.

So who to go for if not Richmond? There is a long hard selection criteria for choosing a new second favourite team……. no there isn’t…. it’s the Demons!

It's not hard to like the Dees
It’s not hard to like the Dees

The Demons sparked hope within supporters by selecting Paul Roos as their head coach in Septmber 2013 and picked up Heritier Lumumba – my favourite football personality – and Chris Dawes from Collingwood at the end of last season. No dickheads, tick.

The Dees have showed (small) signs of (slowly) making their way up the ladder. They understand that rebuilding a club starts within management and coaching staff, hence the Paul Roos selection. And while we do love an underdog that comes good, the Dees still look a fair way off from breaking the first cardinal sin.

There is also something problematic when a rich club like Hawthorn can poach talented players like James Frawley from developing clubs without adequate compensation. Sorry guys! Let’s hope the Dees can hold onto Jesse Hogan.

But most of all, Daisy Pearce is the best thing to happen to football this year.

Demons 5.4  7.7  7.10  8.12  60

Lions 1.2  1.5  3.8  4.12  36

One goal in the second half. This is gonna to take a while.

[1] Yes I’m a Hawks supporter, please don’t hate me.

[2] Sorry Herman!

[3] Buddy clearly snuck in on the loophole that he is the lone dickhead, a la the ‘No Homers’ Club.

[4] I will admit, Jack is showing signs of being a grown-up

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