Great leaves in human history


In case you missed it last night Glenn “The Big Show” Maxwell had an absolutely spectacular first ball leave.

It’s one of those one’s where you really are left wondering what is going through his head. Was he hanging with some shady bookmakers? Hangover over from Christmas party? Re-asserting his claim for the number 3 test spot with some judicious leaves?

But after a bit of reflection by our team we started to feel some sympathy for Maxie. We decided to put together a bit of a short list of some of the most memorable leaves in recent times and when you look at this list it’s fair to say it does happen to the best of them.

First up we’ve got a young Michael Clarke doing a perfect “Big Show” impersonation.

This one is the far less impressive Grant Lambert playing for NSW. In fairness this would be the strategy I would employ against Shaun Tait.

I don’t know if Bradman had any leaves like Maxwell’s last night but this is a pearler from one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Speaking of one of the greatest to play the game here’s some Warney magic making Strauss look like an absolute goose.

And last up we’ve got the South Africans with a two man routine. Remember what you were told as a youngster. “Keep your eye on the ball”.

Well there you go. Maybe these videos demonstrate the Big Show is just taking his cricket seriously and trying to emulate the greats of the game. It’s probably only a matter of time before he is dominating test cricket.

Maybe let’s just watch that one more time.

Nah. That just means sad Glenn Maxwell

Sad Glenn Maxwell
Sad Glenn Maxwell

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  1. […] Despite his match winning ability his capabilities are more questioned than admired by those who I talk cricket with. His unorthodoxy no doubt plays a part in this, as does some inexplicable and highly publicised brain snaps, I don’t have to remind anyone of his BBL ‘leave’. (If I do, or you just want to shake your head over it again, you can read The Sportress’ thoughts on the matter from the time here). […]


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