Goodbye Curtis

BY DAN Yesterday it emerged that Curtis Scott would (likely) be leaving the Raiders, almost immediately. We flagged this as a likelihood recently (as did almost everyone else). The team’s circumstances, both in terms of the immediate challenge of this season and the roster structure going forward, made Scott’s departure seemingly inevitable. The report initially … More Goodbye Curtis

Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Knights Round 20 Preview

BY ROB The Raiders are on the road to redemption. It’s not been a pretty recovery, but three wins straight is better than anything else they’ve managed this year. Their round 19 win over the Eels was the stuff that coaches dream of, a battered side low on stock scrounging up everything they can to … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Knights Round 20 Preview

The Gap Filler

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders confirmed what we all already knew today, announcing that Elliott Whitehead would be with the club until the end of 2024. For all intents and purposes it seems Whitehead will join Josh Papalii as recent ‘one-club’ Raiders (at least for NRL purposes). It’s fitting recognition of a player whose importance … More The Gap Filler

Keeping Rapana

BY DAN Jordan Rapana was at his inspiring best driving the Raiders to a much needed victory at Parramatta last week. He is also off contract at the end of the season. While the Milk have the talent to fill that void should he leave, Rapana is still needed at the club. In a year … More Keeping Rapana

Raiders Review: Courage

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders 12-10 victory over the Parramatta Eels was sheer, bloody-minded courage. It was born from an unending will to persist, even when they had every reason not to. Possession, position and fortune went against them, but they wore every punch offered, straightened their spine, squinted, and went in for more. They … More Raiders Review: Courage

Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Eels Round 19 Preview

BY ROB ‚ÄúDeath by a thousand cuts” describes the slow but gradual destruction of something via an accumulation of small but numerous injuries, that on their own are of no consequence but when tallied prove fatal. For the Raiders 2021 is “Death by repeated whacks”, some of them self-inflicted. The lion’s share of them have … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Eels Round 19 Preview

The Cursed Season

BY DAN The 2021 season can get in the bin. Then it can take that bin, and get in the sea. Then it can set fire to itself. Then I will tell it to get bent. In case you’re wondering what’s happening, the Canberra Raiders sprung the fact on us that Xavier Savage would be … More The Cursed Season

Raider for Life?

BY DAN Word emerged (from Brent Read at the Australian) over the weekend that Elliott Whitehead would be extending his time in Canberra. This is fitting reward for a player that has been the cornerstone of the Stuart-era Raiders. It’s not every player than can be one club person, but I’m glad Whitehead could well … More Raider for Life?