Already critical

BY DAN This week Hudson Young and Sebastian Kris go up against possibly the most damaging runner in rugby league. David Fifita has quickly established himself as one of the Titans, and the competition’s most dangerous players. And yet with a *crosses fingers* healthy Young and Kris, the Raiders stand a chance. For two players … More Already critical

Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Titans Round 4 Preview

BY ROB It’s been something of a rollercoaster in Raider-land over the last five days. Saturday saw them lose to the Warriors, beaten by a mounting injury toll and some truly average officiating. The physical aftermath wasn’t all bad, with both Tapine and Scott having their initial diagnoses revised down to milder injuries. Both will … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Titans Round 4 Preview

The Way Forward

BY DAN Far out that was a thing hey? First Hudson Young’s injury proved too much to risk. Then Joe Tapine hurt himself in such a way we were all glad it was “just” a rolled ankle. Seb Kris and Ryan James clashed heads and all hell broke loose, meaning Curtis Scott and his broken … More The Way Forward

Raiders Review: The Silver Linings of Heartbreak

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders 34-31 loss to the New Zealand Warriors was heartbreaking but not season ending. The precise combination of injuries suffered before the match, and during, created a perfect storm that the Raiders stood against, but eventually could not hold out. Despite the calamity of the loss, Canberra actually furthered their credentials … More Raiders Review: The Silver Linings of Heartbreak

The Connection Issue

BY DAN Before they decided to drop the ball all second half, the Canberra Raiders had a weight of possession and only mustered twelve points against a spirited Sharks defence. There’s clearly an issue of balance and connection, and it won’t be fixed immediately. For many the source of this frustration was Josh Hodgson, who … More The Connection Issue

Answering Questions

BY DAN Coming into the season the Raiders faced a conundrum. They’d lost Nic Cotric to the Bulldogs, Jarrod Croker’s surgery return timetable was indefinite, and many were worried that Father Time was coming for Jordan Rapana. Meanwhile Semi Valemei was the incumbent and Bailey Simonsson’s 2019 felt like a fever dream. In essence there … More Answering Questions