Thank you

BY DAN What a whirlwind few days hey? We’ve been “down” on Facebook since last Thursday. In that time we reached out to you, dear reader, to help us find a way around the peril that our reliance on that distribution model. And because you’re pretty flipping rad, you helped us out, and a bunch … More Thank you

Help the Sportress!

BY DAN Hi. For the past few (seven!) years we’ve been writing a bunch of stuff about the Raiders. We started doing it for fun, and along the way a bunch of you have seemed to like what we do. It’s hardly Hemingway, but we like to think it’s the best written Raiders content (no) … More Help the Sportress!

The life of a backup

BY DAN It was revealed last week by James Buckley in the Canberra Times that while Jarrod Croker is out, George Williams will take the kicking tee. This is a smart decision, built with the future in mind. The life of a back-up kicker is rarely one of preparation, but Williams, for once, has time. … More The life of a backup

The actual GOAT

BY DAN You may have noticed in the last few days that there’s been a bit of noise about Tom Brady being the greatest (athlete) of all time. They call it the GOAT, which in the esoteric tradition of English is simultaneously an animal, a food, an acronym and an athletic status. I’m pretty sure … More The actual GOAT

Bailey Muscles Up

BY DAN Recency bias is a helluva drug. The flux of life and the change of the last 12 months sometimes makes it hard to remember what came before it. When analysing the Canberra Raiders, 2019 may be prominent in our minds, but we are not immune to this phenomena. The before times are sometimes … More Bailey Muscles Up

The cost of the Harawira-Naera and Horsburgh DUIs

BY DAN Canberra Raiders got some infuriating news when it was reported by the Daily Telegraph that both Corey Horsburgh and Corey Harawira-Naera will appear in court in the near future on charges of driving under the influence. It’s frustrating news that will have potentially significant impacts on each player, but likely not substantially on … More The cost of the Harawira-Naera and Horsburgh DUIs