The Backup Plan

BY DAN As the annual jumble of players has settled like a boggle game, the eyes of the rugby league world have started to think about the ramifications. For most, including the good people at Fox Sports, this has been a focus on what potential lineups will look like. You don’t need actually need to … More The Backup Plan

The Next Generation

BY DAN In an otherwise quiet offseason for God’s football team, the Canberra Raiders have been busily ensuring they set themselves up for the future. The latest step in this is becoming clearer, with Emre Guler set to re-sign with the Green Machine, and negotiations beginning with Hudson Young, as reported by David Polkinghorne in … More The Next Generation

Cricket Australia and the Art of the Pander

BY TIM Yesterday Cricket Australia announced new rules to come into effect for the forthcoming BBL10 season. While they all have catchy names, they have all been trialled in or currently part of the first class cricket scene. In there most basic interpretation, they are: Power Surge – What is essentially a 2 over Power … More Cricket Australia and the Art of the Pander

Hoping Sammy Stays

BY DAN Hidden away in the recent squad announcements for 2021 was a little ray of hopeful sunshine for many Canberra Raiders fans: Sam Williams is still scheduled to be in green for 2021. Given the recent news about a possible shift to Wakefield this is good to hear. Sam’s net benefit to Canberra hopefully … More Hoping Sammy Stays

Outstanding Issue: Rapana’s Signature

BY DAN We are well into the free agency period of rugby league’s offseason and a major matter still remains outstanding for the Canberra Raiders: the whereabouts of Jordan Rapana’s signature. Whether Rapana would stick around has been much discussed he returned from Japan in the Covid break. The Raiders almost immediately identified him as … More Outstanding Issue: Rapana’s Signature