V’Landys is a union spy


Breaking: Reports emerging from Australia’s intelligence community suggest that Peter V’Landys is a rugby union plant.

Several sources close to intelligent people have told the Sportress that V’Landys’ ideas for the game are so stupid they are only explainable through the idea that he was somehow placed as the head of the Australian Rugby League Comission by people trying to destroy it.

“Think about it. 1 ref? Tying rugby league to a broadcaster that openly hates it? Feckin ruck penalties restart the tackle count?” one source told us. “These are the works of someone openly trying to destroy rugby league.”

While it’s not clear how rugby union would plant someone in rugby league when they can’t even appoint a head of their own sport, our sources were adamant this was the case.

“I don’t who the Putin is here. It could be Raelene Castle for all I know. But someone is pulling the strings. And rugby league is paying for it.”

More to come.

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