Buying Time

BY DAN While the Raiders have been on the field frankly showing off, off the field the cat-and-mouse game around John Bateman’s signature has continued. While Canberra surprisingly seemed resigned to losing the star back-rower, their on-field performance, and that of their rivals, has bought them more time to perhaps keep him around. Whether it … More Buying Time

Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Storm Round 3 Preview

BY ROB Well, that happened. One moment you’re pondering the meaning of the Raiders trial form, the next you’re watching the season wither and die on the vine as the Rona decimates everything in sight. Not much happened in the shutdown except theNRLsackeditsCEO,theWarriorsgotstuckinNewZealand,abunchofplayersdecidedtheynewbetterthanmedicalexperts,PeterV’landyscompletelychangedthestructureofthegame,LukeBatemanretiredwhileJonnehBateman’sdickheadmanagerrusedguttertabloidtacticstoforcenewcontractnegotiationsincahootswithatalkingscrotumandBronsonXerrioftheSharksgotbustedjuicing. You get all that? Normally the NRL can get through its early … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Storm Round 3 Preview