Terrible Ideas Proof Rugby League Is Perfect


SYDNEY: The steady stream of terrible, terrible ideas coming out of the National Rugby League’s “innovation committee” is proof that the game is already perfect, a prominent academic has revealed.

The complete lack of merit of any idea coming out of this innovation committee is evidence that there are no improvements to make, Moe Griffington of the Canberra National University told the Sportress.

“From ill-thought out three game grand final series, to the incredibly dumb idea of including Tongan players in Origin, to the frankly insulting plan of “resetting the ladder”, the innovations committee, and those associated with it, have shown there are no good ideas for improving rugby league”, Griffington said.

“The only conclusion I could draw is that there is no way of improving rugby league; it must in fact be perfect.”

When asked if another possible interpretation was that the membership of the committee, and the wider rugby league media, are dumber than a poorly-peeled potato, Griffington said it’s theoretically possible.

“But I just can’t fathom how an otherwise successful organisation with revenue of over $500m a year would give so much credence to people with the brain capacity of a squashed turd.

“It simply must just be perfect.”

We approached Todd Greenberg for comment but he was busy trying to stop the Johns brothers from throwing poo at each other.

More to come.

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