Here’s How Thinks Your Mum Will Line Up


SYDNEY: is continuing its pointless summer series on how teams will line up in round 1 with a view on how your mum will line up for the season opener.

Rather than do any reporting or analysis, has taken its annual click-bait to the next level, predicting your mum will line up at the third couch seat from the wall, or maybe in your dad’s favourite chair. Or maybe wing.

As always this is based on the feelpinions of’s expert panel who haven’t paid attention to your team outside of the searing takes pushed out by lazy tv and radio personalities after too many beers and vindaloo the night before. It is as likely to be right as the lotto ticket you already threw away.

Industry insiders also predict they are pumped to do player ratings for your family, with your brother predicted to do poorly due to his big night out.

More (clickbait) to come.

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