Destination Canberra?

BY DAN When the rumours begun that Curtis Scott might be coming to Canberra you would have been forgiven for being sceptical. Years of players using the Raiders as leverage in their negotiations to get more money out of their home clubs, or agreeing to terms only to pull the old switcheroo, were enough to … More Destination Canberra?

The Waiting Game

BY DAN Most sides in the National Rugby League returned for their pre-season recently. While some are still waiting for some Latrell Mitchell sized pieces to land, most are only fiddling around the edges of their roster. The Raiders are not among these, and still have major questions to address. It’s a hard puzzle to … More The Waiting Game

What A Winger Does

BY DAN With the recent rumours about Curtis Scott coming to Canberra, most Raiders fans got to thinking about what that might mean for the roster. We had our say (check it out here), but the rumour was barely getting warm before people were calling for it to mean Jarrod Croker slid over from centre … More What A Winger Does

Is Curtis Coming?

BY DAN The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Storm centre Curtis Scott is considering joining the people’s team, the Canberra Raiders, for the 2020 season. If this occurs it would be quite the boon for the Green Machine. Scott is only 22, and has shown that he has the potential to be an exceptional football … More Is Curtis Coming?