Doctors Stumped By Record Numbers of ‘Green Eyes’

BY DAN BREAKING: Medical experts are stumped as to why the Canberra Raiders record membership cohort have developed a rare form of viral conjunctivitis causing them to be ‘green eyed’. Health experts are not sure how it started, but have noted a striking correlation between membership of the Canberra Raiders and the affliction. “We’ve been … More Doctors Stumped By Record Numbers of ‘Green Eyes’

Home By Six

BY DAN On Sunday night Jack Wighton will play at centre for New South Wales in the State of Origin. At the highest level of rugby league Wighton will be lining up in a position he hasn’t played for five years. For many this is his natural home. Peter Sterling is perhaps the most famous … More Home By Six

The Performance Management of Ay Kline

BY ROB Scene: Friday – Referee bosses office in Anti-Melbourne. Referees’ boss Gerkin Amberley has called Ay Kline into his office for a chat about Thursday night’s game. GA: So Ay, should we run through your effort reffing Thursday night’s game between the Capital Conquerors and the Southern Dogfish? AK: Sounds great! GA: Right, so … More The Performance Management of Ay Kline