Bolt To Save ODI Cricket?


Cricket Australia is in talks to bring Usain Bolt into the One-Day cricket team in what is believed to be an attempt to raise the profile of the short(ish) form.

Bolt with Aussie ODI captain Aaron Finch

Insiders believe that interest in the game is in dire straits after Australia lost its 17th game in 19 matches this weekend. Bolt could provide the shot in the arm the fifty over game needs in Australia leading into its World Cup defence in 2019.

“We thought about picking our best side and maybe winning some games, or even showing the games on free-to-air. But this seems like a more rock-solid option”, a spokesmen for Cricket Australia said.

It’s believed Communications Minister Mitch Fifield is in talks with the Peter Dutton to arrange citizenship.

No word on whether Andrew ‘Joey’ Johns has been contacted to play.

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