“The greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life”


In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.

Andy Warhol

While not strictly true, the low bar required to achieve fame was again on show when a 24-year-old moron from Sydney grabbed his 15-minutes for a ridiculous stunt during Nick Kyrgios’ second-round match at the Australian Open. The self-proclaimed ‘Social Media Entertainer’, was evicted from Hisense Arena for interrupting the match with idiotic noises apparently meant to be sexual in nature.

If there was any doubt that ‘Social Media Entertainer’ could be more easily described by the term ‘dickhead’, it was erased when the fool shared his thoughts afterward. Rather than chastened by the public display that seemed to do little more than illustrate that he may not understand what sex actually sounds like, the half-wit described it as the greatest thing he’d ever done in his life.

At the risk of sounding like the grumpy old man that I am, is this really what the world has become? As frightening as it is that he found it ‘hilarious’ enough to do, more concerning is the fact that there is an audience of people who encourage, celebrate and enjoy him doing these mindless stunts.


Not content to accept the backlash he garnered as the price of his notoriety, the imbecile of the hour chose condescension to explain his actions. “I feel like people from the older generation have a bit of a different sense of humour,” he told A Current Affair. “Because we’ve developed in technology and also humour itself (sic), and I feel like what I’m doing online they wouldn’t really understand either, but that’s okay,” he said.

I understand that most ground-breaking comic geniuses aren’t appreciated immediately by the masses, but I’m not sure that cracking gags that most 14-year-old boys have attempted qualifies as misunderstood comic gold. What’s next? Making fart noises with his armpit when somebody is making a speech or will it be dressing up in female clothing? Perhaps it will be prank phone calls or knock knock jokes? Comedy will be turned on its head forever and the old fogeys won’t have any idea what hit ’em. Hilarious!

This is perhaps what those from ‘older generations’ don’t understand – how the want of one outweighs the desire of many. That what many consider is a person being a rude and obnoxious prat is, in fact, a new generation developing comedy in new and exciting ways.

At the end of the day, it isn’t actually a crime to be an idiot and nor should it be. It isn’t a crime either, to think you are misunderstood when you are in fact simply infantile. In fact, we live in a country that supports your right to be as silly or as simple as you choose to be but not when your asinine behaviour impedes thousands of others enjoying themselves. Please let this be the last dickhead, I mean ‘Social Media Entertainer’, who chooses to piss off 15,000 people in the name of ‘advancing humour’.

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