Aly complaints show he’s a real fan: NRL


The National Rugby League has labelled complaints about the competition by professional talking head Waleed Aly as evidence he’s just a proper rugby league fan.

Aly: proper league fan

“Complaining about the game is the god-given right of every rugby league fan. In fact, it’s about 80 per cent of the traffic to our website” an NRL spokesmen said.

“I’m a bit shocked he didn’t go the bunker, but each to his own.”

Aly made claims on the ABC’s Offsiders that the movement of players such as Jarryd Hayne and Aaron Woods was a blight on the game.

“Full credit to him, it was an impressively ill-informed take” an NRL spokesperson said.

“It required him not ignoring the fact that player movement is part of almost all professional sport, but he had to really knuckle down to ignore that the league had been a proud an active supporter of LGBQTI rights. And he even had to ignore the more questionable stuff we’d done like re-register Matt Lodge.”

According to the NRL, Aly’s claims that player movement had tarnished the image of the game just put him in line with the thousands ill-informed claim made by league fans every weekend.

“It’s the kinda stuff we usually see on dodgy talk-back or in the replies of our twitter account. He must be a proper league man.”

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